About Us

It wasn’t too long ago that hydrosols were the excess waste that major companies simply discarded when making essential oils. The diluted formula was deemed useless and many companies tossed it away, focused on increasing the pungency and potency of other products. But as natural ways of keeping our bodies get more widespread attention, people are waking up to new and exciting products that can help people get the most out of the powerful plants that have been used by people for centuries. Hydrosols is just one of these recent innovations.

It was the discovery of hydrosols specifically that peaked out curiosity in the matter. Unlike essential oils, which are extremely powerful and sometimes dangerous, hydrosols are less potent, but no less useful. Since many companies are either discarding their hydrosols or trying to pass their essential oil waste off as hydrosols, we decided to investigate matters deeper.

What Can Be Done With Hydrosols?

It's a fact, hydrosols are special. Not only are they as useful as essential oils, they’re also a lot safer to use by regular people. Essential oils, for example, can cause problems both internally and externally, but hydrosols can be used without too much worry about potential dangerous side effects, this really made us think what it would mean to get quality hydrosols into the hands of everyday people that can use them.

The Process

It all starts with the distillery process, where a company uses only the best ingredients to create hydrosols. With a dedicated hydrosol distilling process, they discovered that they could provide extremely high quality hydrosols that aren’t just an afterthought, but a product that people can take pride in using.

Most companies strive to use the best base ingredients they possibly can, sourcing as many plants from local companies as is possible, all meeting an incredibly high standards for growing and harvesting. With these sorts of products, you can rest easy knowing additional chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers aren’t sneaking into your hydrosols. Instead, you’re getting the purest hydrosol possible, all using the chemical-free process of steam distillation. It may not get the quantities that other some companies strive for, but most are are instead providing quality products that you can trust.

We firmly believe that everyone can benefit from pure, high quality hydrosols, from the people using them to the local businesses that partner with manufacturers to ensure their products are the highest quality possible. And with locally-sourced ingredients used whenever possible, it's also possible to take pride in purchasing these types of products, which helps stimulate the local economy and encourage local businesses to work together.

So whether you’re looking for a hydrosol to spruce up the workplace, or are curious as to how these amazing products can help your skin look its best, we encourage you to try a variety of hydrosol products. You'll want to look for high-quality naturally source hydrosols made in a very high-purity manner. We've decided to spread this information and knowledge to as many people as we can and as such have established this information source for your enjoyment and knowledge. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.